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Legendary Doughnuts

There is a new doughnut place in Tacoma, Legendary Doughnuts at 2602 Sixth Avenue. It opened about two weeks ago and every time I’ve been by they have had a crowd. But I went at an odd and relatively calm time and was delighted to see an old friend behind the counter! There was some confusion about my Groupon coupon, which said it had been used, but really, truly hadn’t been! Anyway, after we established my trustworthiness I ordered two dozen creative, tasty and unusual doughnuts.When I saw the size of the box, I knew the folks at my job weren’t go to be able to eat all of them. But within an hour they were all gone! I’m sure I’ll be back. The term horde of locusts came to mind. And everybody seemed to think they were delicious!


A&W and KFC

At the corner of Sprague and Division ( 2006 Sixth Avenue, Tacoma WA 98403) there is a A&W.KFC Co-Branded fast food restaurant. The A&W part is one of three A&W locations in Tacoma. All are co-branded with KFC. In fact we now have to drive 20 miles to Port Orchard to find a stand alone A&W. I wonder if it is the drive up kind.here are six KFCs with a Tacoma address, which includes the three just mentioned.

Per Wikipedia, both KFC and A&W had been owned by Yum! until recently and that “Most A&W stores that opened in the U.S. in recent years were co-branded with another of Yum!’s chains— Long John Silver’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell or Kentucky Fried Chicken. On December 19, 2011, A&W and Long John Silver were sold to A Great American Brand LLC.