Teamsters’ and Chauffeurs’ Union Building

Teamsters' and Chauffeurs' Union Building by Gexydaf

Today I went to see the Norman Rockwall exhibit at the Tacoma Art Museum. What a career that man had! Amazing. Walking back to the car, I captured today’s new place, the Teamsters’ and Chauffeurs’ Union Building at 1701 Commerce Street in the Union Depot area of Tacoma. Per Tacoma’s Union Station Historic District Guide published by the City of Tacoma Economic Development Department, the triangular brick building was constructed in 1894 on the site of Tacoma’s first railroad passenger station. Per the guide “The building’s name recalls the Union hiring hall, which operated on the third floor for half a century”. It was renovated in 1983 by James Merritt, architect.

The property is now being used by the Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation. For more information about that foundation go here

For more information about the building, go here

Good to see you here!