The Oyster House, Olympia

11261934805_66f37c8a11_bThe Oyster House at 320 4th Avenue West, Olympia, burned down in July 2013. The 1924 structure was originally built to cull and ship oysters, but in 1925 a small oyster bar was added. By 1949 it had evolved into a sit down restaurant. In 1957 it burned down with the exception of some structural elements. It was rebuilt, but closed in 1995. The restaurant reopened under new ownership in 1996 and has operated as a high quality, destination seafood restaurant until the most recent fire. Their website says it is the oldest seafood restaurant in Washington State. The owners plan to rebuild. The second photo is mere steps away.


One thought on “The Oyster House, Olympia

  1. Ray Mount

    I live on maui now but for the first 35 years of my life(41 now) I lived in the olympia area and grew to love the oyster house as a great spot to go to dinner with the family or meet up with friends for drinks. I always go straight there for a night with everyone when I come home.

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