The Russell Apartments

13895520896_912f160b09_bThe Russell Apartments at 1313 Fawcett Avenue have seen better days. They were built in 1929. Obviously they are in poor condition either awaiting demotion (most likely) or rehabilitation.





2 thoughts on “The Russell Apartments

  1. Leslie

    This building had beautiful buildings adjoining it. Those were torn down a few years ago. Why, I will never know, because the buildings that were torn down were cool, also. Perhaps someone was planning to develop something new, and never did. In any case, it’s sad because the building does look very lonely now. It used to be part of a row of very cool architecture. Too bad that the owners on that block did not appreciate that. I guess they have never heard of adaptive reuse.

  2. Clio

    The buildings adjoining it were not torn down, they fell down in the middle of the day a few years ago. It was like an earthquake. Anybody know what’s going on with this building, though?

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