The University Place Garden Tour 2016


Most years I manage to go to the University Place Garden Tour which is spearheaded by The University Place Historical Society (UPHS). This year the theme was “Spring into Summer,” and there were five gardens and the Curran House. Each garden had several docents that were amiable and  knowledgeable. The gardens varied significantly. One was a farm like setting, one was packed with flowers, one had hidden art and a stunning view, one had 100+ rhododendrons and one was a reclaimed barren lot. It was really a delight to visit each one with my friends and daughter. Lunch was an unexpected bonus.

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5 thoughts on “The University Place Garden Tour 2016

  1. marywhammond

    I see that I mistyped “Currents House” when I intended to type “Curren House.” Darned autocomplete tried adding a “t” to it again. Adidas you eat lunch last Weekend in Fircrest? Did you?

Good to see you here!