Thorp Mill

Thorp Mill by Gexydaf
Thorp Mill, a photo by Gexydaf on Flickr.

On Sunday (I’m running a tad behind in my write ups!) we went to visit the Historic Thorp Mill in Thorp, WA, about 14 miles west of Ellensburg. I’ve always loved this historic mill but it is usually closed when I visit. This time, not only was it open, but there was a guide to take us through and explain everything. I wish I had gotten her name, because she was great! We learned that the mill was constructed in 1885. The farmers would bring their grain into the mill and the grain would go to the upper levels to be ground into various degrees of coarseness. Little scoops on a vertical conveyer belt took the grains up and gravity brought them back down. We also learned that the little town of Thorp was one of the first small towns to have electrical power because of the mill. Most importantly I was pleased that the two teens found it all so interesting!

Guided tours are available June through August. If you visit during the cooler months, there is a self guided tour around the building. There is no cost, but donations are gladly accepted.

Good to see you here!