UPS was a good experience


I hate mailing boxes around the holidays. I hate the crowds and the waiting and the cost. I hate that I’m always sending when it is questionable about if the box will make it there in time. But there I was again.

After work I sat in the car and made sure that all of the presents were in the boxes I found and taped them up. I was thinking I’d go to the UPS on South 38th near the mall, but then I remembered there was a UPS in Green Firs Shopping Center in University Place. Worth a try. I drove past the Post Office on South 27th and there was a line to get into the parking lot to get in line to mail boxes. Wonderful (that was sarcasm). Onward to UPS. When I got there the lot was crowded, but I found a space pretty quickly. I went in and there were only two workers. Each one had a customer and there was one other lady in front of me. I couldn’t believe my luck! I was in and out in under 10 minutes and shipping was less then I expected. I checked online and both boxes are due to be delivered by Tuesday. I could have spent an extra $25 to have them delivered on Monday, but no need. I celebrated by going over to Trader Joe’s for some holiday goodies to share. I’m so glad the shipping is over. Next year I’ll do it earlier for sure and I’ll definitely go back to UPS in Green Firs!

2 thoughts on “UPS was a good experience

  1. Mary Hammond

    Yes, you got it right! After my trauma at Post Office last Saturday (including losing my AmEx Costco card), I completed my holiday mailing at Green Firs UPS, and was very pleased. Amazing how un-stressful it was! Let’s write on our 2012 calendars, “Mail at UPS!”

  2. admin Post author

    OK, I’ll remind you and you remind me! Ha! I’m going to put a reminder on my phone for 12/1/12!

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