Wapato Hills Park

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Today we went out to dinner at The Peanut Sauce, but darned if it wasn’t my second check out. So, I made my family drive me over to Wapato HIlls Park (not to be confused with Wapato Park on the east side of I-5). Since I know nothing about this park, I went to the Metro Parks website to learn this:

Eighty prime acres in South Tacoma, Wapato Hills Park was saved from development through the efforts of community activists. Today, 66 acres are devoted to open space and 14 to a neighborhood park. Metro Parks developed four of those acres into a playfield that opened in fall 2002. The playfield is named in honor of Skip and Laura Vaughn, who spearheaded the drive to save the land and turn it into a park.

Good to see you here!