Woodleigh Station, Australia’s Outback

9386970095_90df0f0b10_cWoodleigh Station is a working cattle ranch in Australia’s Out Back (Ravenshoe). We spent two delightful days there learning to use a bullwhip, visiting their history cabin and soaking in the history, wading in a stream, telling stories around the campfire and eatting wonderful food! http://woodleighstation.com.au/

The wallaby pictured above is named Pepsi and while she is wild, she often comes to visit and mooch.

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2 thoughts on “Woodleigh Station, Australia’s Outback

  1. paulinedenyerPauline Barrett

    Did you notice that most all cars were painted white, and had cattle guards to ward off the night-moving kangaroos and wallabies? I was saddened to see the road kill, but it’s probably no worse than the occasional deer or elk we see here.

  2. admin Post author

    I didn’t see any road kill (thank goodness!), though that is how the little wallaby’s mom died. Now you mention it, there were many white cars. I figured it was because of the heat, like Texas. What I did notice on some of the cars was a vent pipe thing for keeping the engine dry while going through water.

Good to see you here!