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Tacoma Little Theater Mural

Tacoma Little Theater Mural

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This is an older photo (when it wasn’t raining) of today’s new place. The mural of a stage with famous characters and scenes is on the side of the Tacoma Little Theatre Building. The property is at 210 N. I Street in the Stadium District and had originally been an auto repair shop. It was sold to the Tacoma Drama League in 1940 and became a theater.

Per information from Tacoma Public Library the Tacoma Little Theatre is one of the oldest community theaters in existence in the United States. A photo of the building from 1960 can be found here.


Information about the theater is at http://www.tacomalittletheatre.com/

The mural was created by Mary Mann, who also did the mural on Stadium Thriftway. Check out her website, she does lovely work!