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Treos, stands for Third Place

Treos2 Treos





I had work to do and thought that I’d stop for an Americano. Treos now occupies the old Forza space at 1201 S Union Ave. They have a nice, streamline look to the interior of the space and the Americano was really good. There are now two Treos (I know, kind of ironic!), this one and one in Old Town. There is a drive through. Treos offers the traditional coffee drinks, as well as beer and wine and light lunch fare.

The premise behind the name is that this is a “Third Place” created as an informal place to meet family and friends. The first two places are home and work. The other place I can think of with this premise is Third Place Books. Treos reminds me a bit of the Mandolin, which I miss.

No dinosaurs today at Bell Square (The Bellevue Collection)

Bell SquareI don’t really much like malls. They just make me want to buy stuff I don’t need. But there I was up in Bellevue and Coldwater Creek was having a 50% off everything sale. I did need a pair of khakis. So, I stopped in. Out of all of the malls in the area, Bell Square, which I guess is now called the Bellevue Collection, at 575 Bellevue Square is one of my favorites.

When my daughter was little, about 4, we took her here on her birthday. The shopping center has a life size dinosaur collection as a temporary exhibit and dear daughter was going through her Little Foot phase. Little Foot is a series of kid’s dinosaur movies. We were on the second floor when we got to the two story atrium with a life size T-Rex with a moving head and tail. Dear husband was a little ahead of us and went over to have a better look. When the kid and I came around the bend and saw the huge dinosaur, her eyes went big and she ran to her father as fast as she could. Then she grabbed his hand and tried to drag him back to safety screaming Sharp Tooth! Run, Papa, run!