Need a bunny? Go to the Humane Society

A darling little pup was wandering near a busy street and my husband took him home for safe keeping for the night. The dog was obviously somebody’s loved pet, but I didn’t find any signs or see anybody looking. So today I took him to the Tacoma Pierce Co. Humane Society, so that he can be reunited with his rightful owner.

The Humane Society does good work and I respect them for it. There website is here:

Note, although I took a photo of a darling rabbit, it is only a good pet if you are ready for the responsibility. If you’re not ready for bunny ownership, then buy a delicious chocolate rabbit for Easter!


One thought on “Need a bunny? Go to the Humane Society

  1. Tacomamama

    That rabbit is adorable. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever be a bunny owner again. Long term commitment to the little robo-chewers! A good pet for someone with lots of time who enjoys having someone to tidy up after. 🙂 Hope your pup finds his way back to his owner.

Good to see you here!