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Big Catch

Big Fish edited_edited-1The story goes that the fisherman fell in love with beautiful maiden, but alas she was turned into a fish (you know how that goes). Eventually they find one another for a joyful reunion and with a kiss she returns to her human form. This statue at Big Catch Plaza (the intersection of 7th Place S. and S. 219th St., near Albertsons in Des Moines) captures to reunion. There was some controversy when the piece was unveiled because the fish has a human female anatomy on top, right where her fisherman is holding on!  The sculptor is Richard Beyer and the park, which was created because of a road realignment, was dedicated in 1994. Richard Beyer, who passed away in April 2012 also created, waiting for the Interurban in Fremont.

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Albertsons on Pearl

Albertson’s at 2401 North Pearl Street in Tacoma is one of two Albertson’s within Tacoma’s city limits and one of 463 Albertsons in the US (California, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming). The chain was founded in 1939 in Boise, Idaho.

Their website http://www.albertsons.com/ has some good seasonal recipes.


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Today I went to Albertsons at the corner of Pacific Avenue and South 38th Street instead of my usual grocery store. On the plus side, the employees were all very pleasant and helpful. On the downside I don’t like to check myself out, the isles were over crowded because they contained sales carts and there were some rather strange (and not in a good way) folks in the parking lot. I don’t see myself going back anytime soon. 9/9/10