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Marlake at the West Hylebos Wetlands Park


Dear husband and I wanted to stretch our legs today so we went to the West Hylebos Wetlands Park in Federal Way. Our intent was to walk along the boardwalk path, but we turned right instead of left and ended up at Marlake (that’s what Google Maps says it is called). It is really a beautiful spot and some of the surrounding area must have been an orchard at one point because we found plum, pear and apple trees, as well as grapes and blackberry bushes. The blackberries and plums were delicious!  The lake itself has a dock with a bench on it to contemplate life. Many of the trees leading up to the lake were actually labeled and my favorite was a ginkgo tree. Such lovely leaves. The park really is a perfect place to take a walk.

On an amusing note, the handwritten sign that greats visitors asks us to protect the wetlands and no dogs (I get it), bikes (still get it) or Pokemon (what?!). I’m not sure what damage the not really there Pokemon could do. Perhaps they meant no Pokemon players. But there were a bunch of players and they were all respectful and having a good time with their families. Perhaps the highlight for me was that I won my first gym (it’s a game thing) and let out a yell of victory. An older teen smiled at me and we talk about the game for a while. He even set it up for me so that I could really win the gym since I obviously don’t know what I’m doing. I love that the game gave two very different people a chance to visit and work together. What fun. 🙂

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M Street Mural

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Today I checked in at one of Tacoma’s new murals, the one located at the M. Street underpass at South 34th Street. M. Street goes under I-5 just north of here. The mural itself is divided into sections, with each section featuring a goat. I really like it! Although I checked in here today for the first time, I did take the photos a week or two earlier when it wasn’t pouring rain!

The Whitman Area Neighbors sponsored the mural and it was designed by Joni Joachims. Why goats? Per the Tacoma News Tribune because “a local hill was recently cleared of blackberries by a goat herd”, To read more about this mural and others go to

Also, you might take a look here