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Goats Working on the Hillside Next to Tacoma’s Future McMenimans

Goats working in TacomaIt’s probably a tribute to our marriage, that when my husband and I drove past goats clearing the undergrowth next to old Elk’s Club/Future McMeniman’s, he just quietly did a u-turn so I could go get a really good look at them. The goats were chopping away at the vegetation on the lot next to the Old Elk’s Building, which may be part of the entire property. I took photos from above and below, though I do believe the goats were avoiding me! The goats were on loan from Rent-A-Ruminant. As somebody who just that day removed some prickly plants from her yard, the goats seem like an excellent idea! I’m excited to see how the new McMeniman‘s develops.


Goats at McKinley Park

McKinley Park at 800 Park Street East sets above the downtown and dome districts of Tacoma.  The park has a relatively steep terrain and is prone to being overrun with Himalayan Blackberry, English Ivy and Scotch Broom. Several times a year, the Park’s Department rents about 230 goats from Healing Hooves to clear out this unwanted, invasive vegetation.  The goats must arrive hungry because they set right to work! They are contained inside an electric fence and each day of their six day stay, the fence line moves.

The park continues approximately 25 acres and the majority of it is undeveloped. There is a trail along the upper ridge of the park and some picnic tables. And there is also a rather nice play area for the kids and a skateboard park.



We went back a couple of days later to see the work of the goats and they had gotten a great deal done. When we went back they were mostly on a coffee break! We also discovered the skate board park the second time.

M Street Mural

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Today I checked in at one of Tacoma’s new murals, the one located at the M. Street underpass at South 34th Street. M. Street goes under I-5 just north of here. The mural itself is divided into sections, with each section featuring a goat. I really like it! Although I checked in here today for the first time, I did take the photos a week or two earlier when it wasn’t pouring rain!

The Whitman Area Neighbors sponsored the mural and it was designed by Joni Joachims. Why goats? Per the Tacoma News Tribune because “a local hill was recently cleared of blackberries by a goat herd”, To read more about this mural and others go to

Also, you might take a look here