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What the Pho Xpress

9102847651_652c62bb7b_bSometimes I think we have created demand for an entire category of restaurants because the word Pho sounds like…. well, you know. What the Pho at the Tacoma Mall is relatively new. The employees were charming  (seriously, they were very nice) and the food was plentiful and good.

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Pizza Hut Express


The Pizza Hut Express at 5322 is for take out only. We ordered through the internet, though we could have called in the order or just ordered in person. Really the pizza was pretty good and I can order a pizza with different toppings on two sides.

Pizza Hut has several kind of facilities with the Express being the smallest. There are over 6,000 Pizza Huts in the United States. Pizza Hut, Inc., it is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., the world’s largest restaurant company.