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65-foot fishing vessel Shenandoah

Today the family went to the Harbor History Museum at 4121 Harborview Drive, Gig Harbor. I hadn’t even realized that they had built it, but its been there for a couple of years now. It’s really a nice museum, well thought out with plenty for the kids to do and a nice variety of exhibits for everybody. I especially liked the Shenandoah, a local fishing vessel that was built in 1925. The ship is being publicly restored and will eventually be available for tours. Looking at it, I could just imagine all the stories that it could tell. http://www.gigharbormuseum.org/ShenandoahProj.html

Also of interest was the restored one room school house. There were about 30 desks, close together with the teacher’s desk in the front and the heating stove in the back.

More info on the museum can be found here.

Borders Books in Tacoma

I really debated using Borders Books in Tacoma as one of my new places of the day. But today I stopped in to say goodbye. This is the closest bookstore to my house and my family has spent hours here. Its practically a family tradition to go on a rainy Sunday for a cup of coffee and to read the magazines in the cafe. And of course, we’d always end up with a book or two. I’m pretty sure my daughter has never walked out of the store without a book!

But our Borders, which is almost always busy, is closing no later than the end of May. The cafe is closed, items are heavily discounted and some of the shelves are pretty empty. The GIg Harbor and Federal Way Borders are also closing with only Puyallup Borders to remain open in Pierce Co. Across the country Borders is closing 200 of its 643 locations as part of a bankruptcy reorganization.

So, goodbye Tacoma Borders. We’ll miss you.

Raft Island

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Today was another extra special new place of the day (9/19/2010). I can’t believe there is an island around that I hadn’t visited! There is even a bridge there, so it’s not like it’s difficult. Raft Island is home to three artists in the Greater Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour 2010. There was Pen & Ink artist Mike Neil (#7), Kate Larsson (watercolors), Patrice Bruzas collage/sumi), Sharon Carr (paintings) #8 combined and Doug Fillbach, art glass(#9).

Raft Island is pretty much a residential community with many of the properties having water views. Information about it can be found here http://raftisland.org/

The Open Studio Tour was lots of fun. We didn’t get to all of them, but the ones we did visit were gracious and very talented, Information on the annual tour can be found here. http://www.gigharboropenstudiotour.org/

I thought the new place of the day was going to be the Blazing Onion Restaurant where we had lunch. It is a normal sized restaurant space with good food. I walked through the restaurant and counted 14 large TVs! That includes the ones in the restrooms. Remember when we’d go eat a meal together and talk? I’m just saying.