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Ivar’s for lunch

I had a very late lunch today at the Ivar’s in Lakewood, WA. I enjoy Ivar’s not only for their tasty fast food, but also for their quirky sense of humor. More history on Ivar himself can be found here.

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What Seattle Icon Do You Remember at MOHAI?

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Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), 860 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 in Lake Union Park.

It is impossible to walk around the new Museum of History and Industry without remembering something or learning something new. It is like a trip down memory lane! I went with a group and had lunch and heard a lector and got to explore the museum. At first blush the museum looks lovely, but not very full. But the opposite is true. There are a bunch of areas devoted to different themes all over the building. The 4th floor shows off the wonderful view and there is even a telescope! In addition there is a gift store and a cafe. It was a great time 😀

Some of the Seattle icon’s displayed include:

  • Ivar’s Clam on a bicycle
  • The Rainier Beer sign
  • The Toe Truck
  • The very first Starbucks sign
  • A display from The Dog House (which I once ate at) and
  • The Lusty Lady sign from the place across the street from the art museum.

I was delighted by the musical presentation on the Great Seattle Fire of 1889. The museum is next to Seattle’s Wooden Boat Center, which is free and had the Foss Tugboat available for touring. The ship below wasn’t open when I went by, but I thought the light was lovely.

One of the best finds of the day was the parking lot, which is just on the other side of the trolly tracks. For $2 I could park for up to 9 hours! And while I didn’t do it this time, next time I might just take the trolly off somewhere!

Keep Clam

 One of the few fast food restaurants that I actually like is Ivar’s Seafood Bar. I’m not sure how it got that name, since there is no ‘bar’ at the bar! These little restaurants have good food (mostly fried), extra friendly staff and are clean.

Ivar’s website informs me that there are 26 seafood bar locations, 25 of which are in Washington State and 1 is in Santa Clara, California. In addition there are more refined restaurants and also there are stands at local stadiums.

Per the website, the name Ivar’s Acres of Clams came from the last verse of “The Old Settler.”

No longer a slave to ambition
I laugh at the world and its shams
As I survey my happy condition
Surrounded by acres of clams.


James Center
1820 South Mildred
Tacoma, WA 98409
(253) 565-5196
Sunday-Thurs 10:30am to 10pm
Friday-Saturday 10:30am to 11pm