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Thanksgiving 2016, the mall wasn’t completely closed


Our kitchen is not huge and we had three people cooking a Thanksgiving feast there, so I finished my part and took off for a Starbucks and some fresh air. I often drive over to the mall on Thanksgiving. It’s pretty close and I find the empty parking lots soothing. But this year the JC Penney’s lot was nearly full! And people were inside and others were rushing toward the entry doors.

So while I like many of the stances that Penney’s has taken over the years, I’m not to sure about this being open for at least part of Thanksgiving. I sincerely hope their employees are getting overtime. Judging by the crowded parking lot, it is probably worth Penney’s time to be open, at least financially. The rest of the mall appeared to be closed (and thus soothing!). And Best Buy across the street had folks lined up, many had tents. But also folks inside. Not sure what was happening there. It was about 3:30.

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Macy’s at the Tacoma Mall, are they on strike?


I’ve been honoring the strike at Macy’s at the Tacoma Mall, though they probably haven’t noticed because I go there so infrequently anyway! But I needed a nice dress for an upcoming event and I don’t have time to order something online. So, feeling particularly mean I dragged my poor husband to Macy’s. It ended up that I didn’t find a dress that I liked in my price range, but I did buy a nice pair of jeans for $24, which seemed reasonable to me. The sales associates were pleasant, but the racks of clothes were a mess with sizes all mixed in together.

The UFCW Local 367 members voted to strike Tacoma Macy’s in May 2010 and I’m not readily finding information to see if the strike is settled. I haven’t seen one of the trucks that had been driving around promoting the strike for a while.