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The Basket Nook

The Basket Nook at 1007 Martin Luther King, Tacoma, WA is one of the Hilltop’s oldest businesses. It was originally “The Launderette” Tacoma’s first laundry with
individual automatic machines. It opened in 1947. By 1949 the business had evolved into a Laundromat with baskets and eventually it became baskets with gifts and now is primarily gifts. The delightful owner said he had been there for 33 years come January. He must have started really young!

Anyway, I had always thought it was primarily baskets, but the store was full of interesting unique items. I bought a few items for my mom’s Christmas stocking.


Barnes and Noble in Lakewood

Barnes and Noble in Lakewood by Gexydaf

My dear husband bought himself a Nook and this evening we went for Nook training at the Lakewood Barnes & Noble. No, really. It is a darling little machine and the training was good. While I enjoy print books, I have no problem with ebooks and appreciate that I can order most books and have them in hand (as it were) in the matter of minutes. And I love that I can save space and perhaps even let some of my secondary books move on to a new home.