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Jay Berry’s in North Bend

If we are hungry when we visit North Bend, we usually eat at Jay Berry’s Pizza and Pasta at 456 Mt. Si Boulevard. The first time we went, years ago, we thought it was going to be just another pizza place in a strip mall. But each time we go (at least once a year for many years) we are impressed by the quality of the food and service. This time dear daughter and I shared a baked tortellini and we each had our own French Onion Soup.


Update: 4/2017 When I went to take myself out to an early dinner, I found that Jay Berry’s was gone and another restaurant was in its space. But I do see that their website is operational and links to their restaurant in Renton. Guess I’ll need to go there for some great pasta!

Medi’s for Valentine’s Pizza

Medi’s at 2710 6th Avenue was a great choice for a Valentine’s meal. We somehow missed lunch, so went at the early time of 4. We ordered their special, a large multi-cheese pizza for $13 and a cheesesteak. It was way more food then we could eat, so we brought some pizza home to dear daughter and there is still enough for lunch tomorrow.  Medi’s opened in September based on how busy it was, they are doing well. I was glad to see it was a family restaurant because I plan to take my dear daughter to lunch here sometime.


This parcel of land was originally the site of a cottage built in 1889. In 1925 the current building was constructed and occupied by C.S. Enger Hardware Co. Sluggo Music opened on Valentine’s day 1979 and was there until 2011. Medi’s Pizza has the Sluggo Music sign hanging up in tribute.

Art in the women’s restroom.

Apollo’s Pizza and Pasta

Apollo’s Pizza and Pasta
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A while back there was a competition for the best pizza in the Puget Sound area and Apollo’s Pizza and Pasta at 2302 Harrison Ave NW #202 Olympia, WA 98502 came in second. And ever since I’ve been wanting to go try it! Today was the day. Dear husband and I went for the lunch special ($6.99 for two slices of pizza and either soup or salad). The pizza was cheese with a choice of two toppings. I had mushrooms and ricotta cheese and dear husband had mushrooms and hamburger. He had their famous African peanut chicken soup, which was very tasty and I had the salad which was OK.