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Downtown Tacoma with the TCC Photography Class

imageThe past six Tuesday evenings, I’ve been taking a photography class to become more familiar with my camera. Really it has been great and I have learned a bunch. Now I just need to practice! Anyway today was our end of the class photo shoot. We met outside of Freighthouse Square and took the “Trolley Tour” (the Tacoma Link), stopping along the way to capture some moments. We strolled through the University of Washington Tacoma, crossed the Bridge of Glass and toured the theater district.

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Asahel Curtis’ Seattle Home in 1916

12532231773_ed25a9071e_cThis house, which sold in the summer of 2013 for $935,000 was constructed in 1913 and per Tacoma Public Library it was occupied in 1916 by Asahel Curtis and his wife, Florence. The house is located in the 1100 block of 36th Avenue and has a view of Lake Washington, the city skyline of Bellevue and Mt Rainier. Asahel Curtis and his brother, Edward Curtis, were well known photographers. They had a parting of ways in about 1900 and never reconciled. Asahel married Florence in 1902 and in 1911 he established his own photography studio.

While I was wandering around in Seattle, I stumbled upon a charming little free library in a newspaper box. I also found a group of four friends taking a dip in a very chilly Lake Washington. Altogether a good day!

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FlowerHouse is wonderful!

I really love the FlowerHouse at 618 South 15th Street (and South ‘G’ Street)! It is a temporary photographic art instillation by Duncan Price and funded through a grant from the Tacoma Artists Initiative Program (TAIP). Each window in this 1907, three story house (apartments?) has a full paned photography of a flower which is back-lighted.



Wild Wilderness Under the I-705

Tacoma has a temporary art exhibit called the Temporal Terminus: Marking the Line Project. There are several sites that are part of this instillation. and today I stopped at the Wild Wilderness. It’s located next to the entrance to the Tacoma Art Museum’s parking lot and under the I-705 Overpass in an area of vegetation.  There were several animal cutouts including a sloth, a squirrel and a fox. There was one near the concrete support piece, but my husband suggested that I let the man in the sleeping bag alone.

The website for the project provides the following information:

SITE 3: Under I-705
Title: Wild Wilderness
Artists:  Jennifer Adams, Kristin Giordano, Kenji Stoll

This work comments on the diminishing open spaces in our world and the impact on animal habitat.  In addition, it calls attention to the wild spaces that exist within our urban midst. A variety of animals that would be hard pressed to co-exist inhabit this newly created environment.”




The Brick House Gallery


Studio Tour 2011, a set on Flickr.

Today we did a couple of stops on the Tacoma’s Studio Tour, with the new place of the day being The Brick House Gallery at 1123 South Fawcett Avenue. The gallery had an amazing collection of photographic images. It was a great space and the light was lovely. I’ve also thrown in some other images that I stumbled upon today.

Pertinent websites include: