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Hip Hop, Point Ruston

imageIt was a lovely day to start the new year and dear husband and I went to check out the ever developing Point Ruston. Hip Hop is a recently installed sculpture. The piece was created by Georgia Gerber. and her blog entry can be found here.  Ms. Gerber also created The Gardner in Woodenville and Rachel the Pig at Pike Place Market.  Mt. Rainier was out in her full glory!



Point Defiance Ruston Senior Center Community Garden

9695554301_a9906875f1_zPoint Defiance Ruston Senior Center at 4716 N. Baltimore St., Tacoma has a community garden that I went to visit today as part of the 2013 Community Garden Harvest Tour. Actually I got a late start, so it was the only garden I got to. Guess that makes it the best! Really it was a very nice smaller garden. I was looking at it through the fence and somebody who works at the center came out to open up the gate for me. The garden, which had both vegetables and flowers, is part of the Master Gardener Program sponsored by Washington State University, Pierce County Extension.

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Honk! Honk! Goodbye Ruston Tunnel



I knew when I read the paper yesterday that I needed to drive through the 1912 Ruston Tunnel one more time, honking all the way! And so I did, — four times actually, two in each direction. And there were plenty of other cars there too and everybody was honking and yelling and taking photos. The Tacoma News Tribune produced a nice write up about the tunnel which can be found here:


Be sure to check out the historic photo which is part of the article.