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Empty Bowls

11018347546_4780d87b30_b(1)Once a year, the Emergency Food Network has a fundraising event called Empty Bowls. This year it was at Charles Wright Academy, 7723 Chambers Creek Rd, University Place, 9846. The premise of this charity event is that folks can chose amongst a large selection of handmade bowls by local potters and all of the money raised supports the Emergency Food Network. Prices typically varied between $10 and $30. The Network provides more than 15.1 million pounds of food annually to local 67 food banks.

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Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community

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My dear daughter did some volunteer work today at Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community today and I went to pick her up and made this my new place of the day. I’ve been past the entrance to this community hundreds of times, but never really noticed it before.

The community features several styles of living units including condos, independent apartments, assisted living, a care center, a dementia care unit, a medicare/rehab unit and a respite care.