Vacant Lot on South 38th Street & Pacific Avenue

11198720725_0c5214c881_bDarn it was cold today, so I had a very quick stop to photo the vacant lot on the southeast corner of Pacific Avenue and South 38th Street. I remember when there was a building on the large lot, office space I think. Somebody demolished the buildings and there were plans to building something, maybe a drugstore? Anyway, its been vacant for years now. Maybe now that the Northwest corner is being redeveloped, this lot too will see new life. One can hope.

3 thoughts on “Vacant Lot on South 38th Street & Pacific Avenue

  1. Brittney

    There was a medical supply store and Connie’s doughnuts in the old building. Rite Aid was planning on building there until Walgreen’s took the other corner.

  2. Drake W.

    I love your blog as a Tacoma Native I love to see where you go! I remember there was a doughnut shop on that corner years ago and seemed like an old strip office space

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