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Xipe Totec and Sun Mask-Kwakiutl by Granum, Doug


The Xipe Totec and Sun Mask-Kwakiutl Masks by Doug Granum are located on the exterior wall of the Rialto Theater in Tacoma.

The Xipe Totec Mask is from the Mexican culture and represents the god of spring and growing seed.  The Sun Mask image is from the Native American-Kwakiuti culture from Vancouver Island.

Quetzalcoatl Mask

This Quetzalcoatl Mask in Tacoma’s Theater District (on Broadway between South 11th and South 13th) is a bronze, stainless steel and granite sculpture that represents an Aztec God (‘the feathered serpent or the rain god Tlaloc). There is another sculpture on the other side of the post. The artist is Doug Granum (http://www.douglasgranum.com/). He was also the sculptor for the Locomotive Monument, also downtown.