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Morrell’s Stadium Dry Cleaning

8286664374_f54e9cb77a_zSo, I was cold and tired and really just wanted to go home. But I got talked into stopping at Stadium Thriftway for some of their soup. While there I ran over to Morrell’s Stadium Dry Cleaning at 608 North First Street and snapped a photo. The building was constructed in 1928 and apparently has always been a dry cleaner, starting as the Puget Sound Cleaners. Their website is here http://tacomadrycleaner.com/

Side note to the young man who was yelling at his girlfriend through the payphone, complaining about your “soon to be ex-girlfriend” to me in no way makes me inclined to give you bus money to Everett. Just saying. And to the guy that I thought might be stealing a bottle of wine from Stadium Thriftway … really?!