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Wet Science Center, Olympia

imageThe LOTT WET Science Center at 500 Adams Street NE, Olympia was a pleasant find. LOTT’s WET (Water Education and Technology) looked pretty inviting with its outdoor water features, so I went in, asking if it was strictly for kids.  The lady behind the counter assured me that I was welcome and I explored the space with great interest. The center is open 10-4 and is free. They even have things to give away like a shower timer and a small bag carrier (poo bags) that can be clipped to a dog’s leash. There is a variety of educational interactive exhibits and they even have a box turtle.  There are often special events especially on Saturdays and school groups come by during the school year. They have a website and a Facebook page. They also have a Twitter Feed and a YouTube Channel!

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Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour

The joys of out of town company include visiting places usually reserved for tourist. On Monday we went on Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour in Downtown Seattle. The 90 minute tour began in Doc Maynard’s Public House (608 First Ave, in Seattle’s Pioneer Square, between Cherry Street and Yesler Way.)   After opening remarks, the rather large group follows the excellent tour guide underground to explore the long deserted original sidewalks of the city.  For those that don’t know, Seattle’s downtown burnt down in 1889.  When it was rebuilt, the city founders determined that it should be elevated to help with the sewerage problem (the toilets were geysering during high tide) .  Some of the property owners could not wait for the slow process of the government’s installation of fill, then roads and sidewalks. The property owners went ahead and built their stone and brick building and when the infrastructure was later installed, the main floor of the buildings became the basements. They were later condemned. The tour took us through a three block area and was very interesting and engaging.




Home Depot for all your toilet needs

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Sometimes it’s just about the practical. Our toilet handle fell off (cheap, plastic thing that it was), so off I went to Home Depot where they have an amazing array of toilet fixing supplies. I went all out and purchased the metal replacement handle at almost twice as much — $9!

I did have to smile at two auto decorations that I saw on the way home. The one below shows two hand prints on an older, well traveled van that says “push here”. The other, on a small, older truck of said “Nice truck, sorry about the size of your penis”!