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Wet Science Center, Olympia

imageThe LOTT WET Science Center at 500 Adams Street NE, Olympia was a pleasant find. LOTT’s WET (Water Education and Technology) looked pretty inviting with its outdoor water features, so I went in, asking if it was strictly for kids.  The lady behind the counter assured me that I was welcome and I explored the space with great interest. The center is open 10-4 and is free. They even have things to give away like a shower timer and a small bag carrier (poo bags) that can be clipped to a dog’s leash. There is a variety of educational interactive exhibits and they even have a box turtle.  There are often special events especially on Saturdays and school groups come by during the school year. They have a website and a Facebook page. They also have a Twitter Feed and a YouTube Channel!

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Skyrail Rainforest

9392914878_cef011d490_cThe Skyrail Rainforest Cable Way is an almost five mile one way trip. At both ends there are shops and services and in the middle there is an interpretative trail to explore. The highest station is 1,788 feet above sea level and the lowest point is 5 feet above sea level. It is part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. I found, but did not purchase, this jaunty fellow in a near by store. (see below) More information can be found here.