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Blockbuster, Will you miss it? Last Store in Tacoma Closing


Blockbuster Video at 3833 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98418-7897 is closing. It is the last Blockbuster Video in Tacoma and once gone, the closest store will be in Kent. I use to get my dvds there and found the parking lot to be difficult to maneuver. This month (November 2013) it was announced that the remaining stores will be closing.

Use to be Home Video Express

The Home Video Express building at 6401 Pacific Avenue has been vacant for some time. I remember going in there years ago and a couple having an awful argument that made all the customers and staff very uncomfortable. Later the store was closed and as I recall then open for a short time, then closed. But the store stayed pretty much fully stocked for a long time. But now it is vacant. I didn’t see a for sale or for rent sign, so I don’t know its future.



Angry Birds Like Pistachios!

Just a quick stop today at Safeway in Lakewood (10223 Gravelly Lake Drive Southwest, Lakewood, WA) While there, I noticed that the Angry Bird’s Pig is now promoting pistachios. I’m still struggling to make the connection, but I think if we can get kids to eat nuts instead of sugar its a good thing. The pistachios commercial is here and it is pretty cute: http://getcrackin.com/videos/

While I was at Safeway, I bought some soup — but not this kind.

Better Movies Then You Could Pick

Stadium Video at 29 North Tacoma Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98403-3124 is closing its doors. Today dear daughter and I went back to visit and pick up a couple of anime dvds.  I remember a few years back I was stuck home for a couple of weeks during a quick recovery period and I sent my dear husband to Stadium Video every other day. They were the only ones who had the quirky, interesting movies that I needed and they always have such great recommendations! I will miss them when their gone.

An article on their closing is here http://www.thenewstribune.com/2012/01/28/2003287/sad-news-for-tacoma-movie-buffs.html

Their Facebook page is here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stadium-Video/63099191351

Their going out of business sale is going to continue for a while, so go check them out!

Dorky’s Arcade Pinball Food Drinks

Dorky’s is one of the newer businesses in downtown Tacoma. It is a multilevel arcade that as of tomorrow will offer food and in the future will have a liquor license. For a couple of dollars, you can have a lot of entertainment with machines like Ms. PacMan, Frogger and Asteroids.

I love the PacMan on the wall that they made out of keys!

Their Facebook page says “Dedicated to Old School Video Games and Pinball Machines we are working to have a place to play all the fun machines from our youth that you can’t find any where. 80’s and 90’s Classics All Video Arcade Games and Vintage Pinball Machines are 25 cents Newer Pinball machines are 50 Cents.”

754 Pacific Ave
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 627-4156