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Yarn Bombed Bike Racks

14972550626_d51164c158_kI finally stopped to snap a photo of one of the bicycle racks on Sixth Avenue. I love that an individual, Kassie Mitchell, has taken it upon herself to share some joy through yarn bombing. To read more, go here.



Tacoma’s Spring Fence

8649334813_688a75f233_h(1)A local coalition of Tacoma Urban Landscaping, Downtown On the go, Coalition for Active Transportation, 35 Ways to Safer Streets, The Grand Cinema and the New Tacoma Neighborhood Council organized the yarn bombing on the chain-link fence on St. Helens Avenue at 6th.An article about the project can be found on the News Tribune Blog. In addition to the knitted flowers, there were real flowers, banners and the word Spring in fabric. While I was checking out the art, I was asked for money by a guy just out of jail with a DUI, I visited with two legit looking young men scoping out location for a movie and visited briefly with the man moving the Ferrari that was in his shop.

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Unraveled Yarn and Artful Gifts

When three friends (thanks Connie, Ann and Judy!) suggested that I check out Unraveled Yarns, I put it on my to visit list. I felt right at home in this little store which has a thoughtful selection of yarns and knitting supplies, as well as artful gifts. The women working there were helpful and the place just made me want to pull out some knitting needles and sit down for a visit! And, yes, I got a holiday present for my friend Susan. It’s a ….. oh wait, she might read this!

2154 S. 314th Street
Federal Way, WA 98003
(253) 941-2268


Sadly they closed in April 2012.