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Nothing too exciting today, just a stop at a different Safeway at 707 South 56th Street, Tacoma. This store had been a Safeway for years and then it closed and was available for rent for a long time. But it sat vacant and then finally Safeway renovated and reopened. It’s a smaller store, but nicely maintained.

The store is all geared up for Thanksgiving and here is their Thanksgiving link.

 This is an interesting Thanksgiving image from Flickr

Hazelwood Road Gourmet Coffee

I knew it was going to be a long day at work and I thought I’d treat myself to an Americano. So I stopped at Hazelwood Road Gourmet Coffee and Car Wash on Sprague Avenue. I was a tad grumpy that it took so long, but to their credit somebody came outside to take my order and they didn’t charge me! And it really was a good cup of coffee. So all my complaints went away and I’ll be back.

Site of the Norwegian Congregational Church, since demolished

Site of the Norwegian Congregational Church, since demolished

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I’ve been wanting to do a house as the new place of the day for a while and I’ve admired this vacant home. It is located at 1624 Ainsworth in the Hilltop area. My understanding is that this property and the adjacent lot next door had been the site of the Norwegian Congregational Church, which was constructed in 1912 and later demolished. This photograph shows the house that was constructed on the site of the church in 1922. I have to wonder why a 20 year old church was demolished. And I also wonder why it is sitting vacant now. There is no for sale sign, but there is a no trespassing sign in the living room window.

The public record shows that the house was last updated in 1953 and has 1,431 square feet of finished living area and 896 square feet of unfinished area (probably the basement area). It was most recently accessed for $193,100.

So, I know much more about this property, but the mystery remains. How many families have lived here? Where they happy? What is the future of the home?

The house reminds me of my grandmother’s house in PA.  See the older photo below.

FedEx Kinkos has some darling return address labels

Today’s new place of the day is Kinkos, which I guess is now called FedEx Office. It’s a very do it yourself kind of place, but the staff was really nice and helped us along. We needed to print a 8″x10″ piece of student artwork in color on glossy paper and it came out really nice. While I was waiting for dear husband to manage the print, I played with the computer and found some charming mailing labels. Perhaps it’s time to stop using the free one that get sent to me and upgrade to labels I actually like!

The link for the labels is here

Of course they have a bunch of stuff you can make, cards, brochures, invitations, banners, etc.  The return address label I like is below with the little red birds in the snowy tree. 

Pink Elephant Through the Link’s Window on New Year’s Eve

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Usually I take my new place of the day photos after work, but today I stayed late and found a wind storm outside when I left. So the new place of the day is an older photo, though I did check in today.

This shot of the Elephant Car Wash was taken on New Year’s Eve 2010 through the window of the light rail system in Tacoma, the Link.

There are nine Elephant Car Washes in the Puget Sound area and this one is in Tacoma and was built in 1963.

IHOP for interesting pancakes


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We deserved a nice brunch today and the daughter was petitioning for IHOP.  She had the strawberry banana pancakes and I went for the loganberry blintzes. Both were good and the loganberry reminded me of going to IKEA. Per the IHOP website, “As of June 30, 2010, there were 1,476 IHOP restaurants located in 50 states and the District of Columbia, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands”

The Furniture Series

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Today’s new place of the day was the School of the Art’s Theater in the Ted Brown Building. We saw the Furniture Series and it was excellent. I have to confess that I just didn’t get a good photo while I was there and it was in appropriate to photograph the performance, so I took a photo of the program cover afterward.

For a laugh, go to Tacoma Comedy Club

On Friday night I joined my friends at the Tacoma Comedy Club. We had already eaten earlier, so I can’t speak to the food, but the comedy was great. The main act was Sharon Lacey, who was a middle school teacher before she became a comedian.

A yummy, but crowded lunch at Panera Bread


I know it’s a big chain, but I really like Panera Bread. Their food is tasty, service is pleasant and the decor is attractive. So, I was pleased when when one recently opened at the near by Tacoma Mall. I’m not a big fan of malls, but there is an outside door so I didn’t have to actually go into the mall. My only complaint with this new Panera is that it was too crowded and the tables where too close together.

4502 S. Steel Street, Tacoma, WA

Destiny City Church

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I was going to use the Mandoline Cafe today as my new place, but found I had already checked in there.

So, instead I thought I’d stop at the old Galaxy Theater at Tacoma Central Shopping Center. I’d heard that it was going to be another movie theater. The Galaxy Theater moved to the old location of the AMC Narrows at 2208 Mildred St. W. in early 2009. The website of the Galaxy Theater is

But obviously the building isn’t being renovated for another theater because it has a big sign that says Destiny City Church! The church is currently at 409 N. Tacoma Avenue. Information about the renovation can be found here.

The photos aren’t be best because it’s just not easy to take photos in the dark. I’ll work on that.