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Summer Reading = Free food

I signed up for the adult summer reading program at the library and have completed my first five books, so I qualified for a prize! Yippee! It is a darling, red snack sack and inside was a reading notebook, a coupon for 3 free games of bowling with shoe rental and a free appetizer from the Harmon Brewing Company at 1938 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma!  Wow, that’s cool! So off we went.  Dear daughter and I split the crab cake appetizer, which was delicious and also shared the very rich mac n cheese.  We brought some of that home with us in a doggie bag.  The service was grand and the food wonderful. What more could we want?  The website for the Harmon is here: http://harmonbrewingco.com/brewery_eatery.html


Titlow Beach on the 4th of July

Some of the things we saw today while visiting Titlow Beach:

  • Lots of tiny crabs, some with egg sacks
  • Folks sunbathing
  • A man and his dog boating away in his inflatable canoe
  • A starfish
  • A wedding
  • The Narrows Bridges
  • Canada Geese
  • A low tide
  • The remains of the original pier
  • Trains, both freight and passenger

Altogether, a good outing!