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State run liquor stores will be gone by June 1st, 2012

From the Washington State Liquor Board website


With the passage of Initiative 1183, the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) will cease state liquor store and liquor distribution operations by June 1, 2012. Contract liquor stores – which are operated by small business owners – may continue to sell spirits, but state-run liquor stores will be closed. The Seattle Distribution Center – which supplies state and contract liquor stores with spirits – and its assets will be sold.

I didn’t really go into the liquor store at Tacoma Central Shopping Center today. Come to think of it, I haven’t been in a liquor store in years! Not that I have anything against them, I just don’t seem that interested. Last time I sent in I bought some rum for a rum cake.

But I was wondering about when the stores would be closing and this was my excuse to find out.


Cinnamon Bread at Bakery Outlet

Entenmann’s Oroweat Bakery Outlet Store at 5401 6th Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98406. has some great products and excellent prices. I stopped in and picked up some potato bread, pretzels and cinnamon bread.

Oroweat (which I always thought was spelled Orowheat) has a website with recipes here http://oroweat.com/

And Entenmann’s  has a website with recipes here http://www.entenmanns.com/



It’s the Year of the Dragon

What luck! The family decided to get out of the house today and each of us picked a place to go. Dear daughter wanted to go to Uwajimaya in the International District of Seattle. When we got there we learned that it is the Chinese New Year and they were having special events, such as a dragon parade. While we were there was grabbed lunch in the food court and picked up some groceries (pocky, drinks, fortune cookies). Uwajimaya is a wonderful store, which is full of treasures. It actually started in Tacoma, but when the US entered WWII the family was sent to Tule Lake Internment Camp in California. After the war, they felt more welcome in Seattle and settled themselves and their new store there. It was a loss for Tacoma! It is the largest Japanese grocery store in the Pacific Northwest.



Moon over QFC

I went to a late Holiday Party last Friday and dashed into the QFC at 4101 49th Avenue Northeast
Tacoma (Brown’s Point) for a goodie to bring.They really have a great bakery. I picked the yellow cake on the bottom row, third from the left and it was as good as it looked! This appears to be the only QFC in Tacoma, with other locations including Gig Harbor and Parkland. The chain is headquartered in Bellevue, WA and has about 75 stores in the Puget Sound area. Kroger required the chain in 1998, though QFC has maintained its own identity.

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Mattress Mania


I’ve gone past Mattress Mania at 2901 S 12th St., Tacoma, WA 98405 plenty of times, but on Wednesday I paused to consider it for a moment. The Tacoma Public Library indicates that in 1909 the site was occupied by I.E. Russell Drug Store and in 1930 by Twelfth Street Drug Co. and in 1950 by Fowler’s Twelfth Street Drug Co. The Pierce County Assessor’s Office shows that the building was constructed in 1938 and I’m unsure if the original building was demolished

Prosser Pianos & Organs

Prosser Piano & OrganHIP_343778378.311753HIP_343778085.511391HIP_343777967.015568HIP_343778181.274041HIP_343778355.386486

Pianos, a set on Flickr.

Dear daughter thought it would be fun to stop at the piano store. No, she doesn’t play. I had lessons when I was little and the lady with the mean duck gave me lessons for a couple of years. We stopped at Prosser Pianos & Organs at 5849 Tacoma Mall Blvd, Tacoma, WA 98409.

I guess that I haven’t actually thought about pianos much in years. Some of the new ones can interact with computer programs and will actually teach you how to play. The pianos and organs were amazingly lovely. They ranged in price from about $2,000 to $70,000. And the people in the showroom were happy to show us around and explain the various pianos.

There are three Processer locations, this one and two in Seattle. Their website is here http://www.prosserpiano.com/Home.aspx

Tacoma Food Co-Op

The Tacoma Food Co-Op at 3002 6th Avenue, Tacoma opened on August 26, 2011. It has a lovely mural on the outside wall. I walked through the store, which use to be a corner grocery and explored their unusual stock.  Their website says “The member-owners of the Tacoma Food Co-op recognized the need for an affordable urban natural foods grocery that would provide local organic and natural foods, as well as a community around these foods.”



Nordstrom at the Tacoma Mall

Nordstrom at the Tacoma Mall by Gexydaf
Nordstrom at the Tacoma Mall, a photo by Gexydaf on Flickr.

I had an appointment at the mall and took a minute to wander into Nordstroms at the Tacoma Mall to look at boots.  I learned the 10 Top Fall 2011 Fashion Trends, which are:

  • Capes & Ponchoes
  • The Heritage Jacket
  • Stacked Heels
  • Midi Length
  • Chocolate Metals
  • Bow Blouse
  • The Skinny
  • Bold Color Mixes
  • Leather Sportswear
  • Faux Fur


Habitat for Humanity Store

Funny story… I’m in the car with my husband and he says let’s go to the Habitat Restore in the Port. Oh boy! I’ve been wanting to see the new estuary nature place that I read about! I was pretty excited that dear husband would suggest it. That’s the spirit of adventure!

And then we pulled up here at the Habitat for Humanity Store at 505 Puyallup Ave., Tacoma, WA 98421. Oh, I see. We need bathroom tiles. No, really its OK. I just had my heart set on seeing ducks!

In actuality the Habitat for Humanity Store is very cool and I’ve been meaning to go there. Folks donate building materials (doors, lighting fixtures, tile, cabinets, mirrors, etc.) and other folks buy them. Habitat makes a little money for their most excellent work. We walked out with some tiles, groat, and a ceramic soap dish to go in the shower. No ducks.

I guess I can do the Habitat for Humanity store again in the future because they are moving to South Tacoma Way and the building is available for lease.

More information about the local Habitat for Humanity is here: http://www.tpc-habitat.org/

The building is on the site of Joe Zehnder’s First & Last Chance Saloon, sadly now demolished. The current building was constructed in 1926 as the Stevens & Vetter, Inc. Garage / Fageol Motor Sales Co. and had been used as warehousing for the adjacent railroad. Although the building has been renovated over the years I can still see the original structure in the roof line. Look here to see the building as it was in 1928: http://search.tacomapubliclibrary.org/buildings/bldg1image.asp?j=1&o=5&n=24097&i=9072#text

Fred Meyer has pretty much everything!

While reading over the Sunday paper, I noticed that Fred Meyer at 6305 South Bridgeport was having a sale that included a tech gadget I had been needing. And I also needed groceries and the kid was demanding new sheets (something about a huge hole in hers!). Luckily Fred Meyer’s seems to have it all. The Fred Meyer in University Place is a newer building and is well maintained. Its a bit further for me to drive, but seems worth it to me.