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Mondo Burrito at Taco Del Mar

10047462754_79739df771Dear husband and I shared a mondo chicken burrito for dinner. It came from Taco Del Mar at2700 Bridgeport Way W., University Place, WA 98466. The first Taco Del Mar opened in Seattle in 1992. Taco Del Mar’s website is here.


Bartell Drug Store

8729687089_ec59c38559_bOn Thursday I made a quick stop at Bartell’s Drugs at 2700 Bridgeport Way West for sundry items. Bartell’s Drug Company was created in 1890 in Seattle. There are 58 stores, all in Western Washington. It is the oldest family owned drug store chain in the nation.


Harbor Greens


8595716395_6a1c8beb28_bHarbor Greens at 2620 Bridgeport Way W. University Place WA 98466 opened on March 1, 2013. Really, its delightful store full of fresh, lovely produce and a great deli. There is also a large wine/beer selection, interesting candy, flowers/gardening supplies and sundry items. Oh, and the people working there were really nice! The original location is in Gig Harbor. Their Facebook page is here and their website is here.


Galaxy Narrows Theater, closed

8556319358_0ccd8f4114_bThe Galaxy Narrows Theater at 2208 Mildred Street West in University Place closed its doors on January 31, 2013, the same day that Meiers House of Clocks closed. This is another place that I just assumed would be there in the future. Over the years we’ve often watched films there and then we’d go to the frozen yogurt place next door (which is also gone). The Keg Restaurant has also recently left the center.


Clock Tower Square

8466199825_9efbb327ac_bWhen I worked in University Place, years ago I was situated by this Clock Tower at 3617 Bridgeport Way West. The larger building it was part of was demolished to make room for the new city hall, but the Clock Tower was saved and moved to its new location on Tacoma Avenue across the street from the library in 2004. There is also a cool gargoyle on the building next to the clock tower.



In Ed “Doc” Farrens, moved to this site from. Clock Tower Square at 3617 Bridgeport Way)

Trader Joes in University Place

I needed some things for a Secret Santa gift exchange and Trader Joe’s in Green Firs Village, University Place was the place to go. They do, after all, have the world’s greatest frozen food. I have often been to this Trader Joe’s and have never had a bad experience. I love their policy of providing a full refund if you don’t like a product.

Per Wikipedia, Trader Joe’s originated in 1958 as Pronto Market and in 1967 the name changed in Trader Joe’s and became more of a specialty grocery store with unusual products from around the world.



The Pet Cemetery

I was in my 20s when I read Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery and it scared me to death! Though I did better then my husband who tossed it across the room and refused to pick it up for about a month. So in my head Pet Cemetery’s are creepy places, appropriate for a Halloween New Place of the Day. But all in all the Pet Cemetery in the  New Tacoma Cemetery is lovely and peaceful. With umbrella in hand I walked through what I guess was the pet section, though I couldn’t find more then one grave. The photo with the graves is the traditional cemetery. The link for the cemetery is here http://www.newtacoma.com/fh/facilities/facilities.cfm?page=4&fh_id=12090

Forza in University Place


I hadn’t realized this Forza at 2700 Bridgeport way in University Place existed. It’s a typical, well done Forza with a small, private meeting room. There are 15 Forza locations, down from 23 locations in 2/2011.



Freeze Frozen Yogurt at 3806 Bridgeport Way West (Green Firs Shopping Center), University Place, WA has been around for about six months and the employees (owner?) was friendly. They have ten flavors (Mango Tango, Alpine Vanilla, Pomegranate Raspberry, Thin Mint,Cake Batter, Milk Chocolate, Hawaiian Pineapple, Sweet Coconut,Cheesecake and Lemon Bar) at any one time and a nice assortment of toppings.

On the way home this little girl was wandering around in the street, stopping traffic. How could I leave her there? So I scooped her up and brought her home. After an hour or so the owner called me back and we took her home. She was a very sweet dog, but growled at our two pups.

Update: June 2015. There is a sign up at Freeze that says they are closed because of mechanical issues, but the sign has been up for a while and I wonder if they are just closed.