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701 North 10th Street, Tacoma

The 1908 Beutel, Conrad F. and Annie K. House at 701 North 10th, Tacoma, WA is on the Tacoma Register of Historic Places. It was converted into four apartments and I noticed that one of the four is available to rent. The original owner of the property, Beutel owned the Beutel Business College, which operated out of Downtown Tacoma’s Lucerne Building.

The nomination form is here http://pdfhost.focus.nps.gov/docs/NRHP/Text/07001459.pdf

South 10th Street in this area is paved with cobble stones that gave my car a rattle!

Apartment Building in the Lincoln District

I’ve always admired this apartment building at 4010 Thompson. There isn’t much public information on it. The Tacoma Public Library shows that it sold in 1938. The Pierce County Assessor’s Office shows that it was built in 1900 (I would have guess later) and has six units. It was foreclosed in 2009, but has since sold.

Hidden Treasures in the Old Trolly Building

Today we stopped at Hidden Treasures in The Old Trolley Building. The street address is 3902 South 12th.  The store’s space was larger than I first expected and includes a lovely tea room. Hidden Treasures really is packed full of interesting items — glassware, decorative items, vintage clothes, books, etc. And the owner’s (I think it was the owner) two darling dogs were there to interact with potential buyers. I’m thinking about going back for the rooster! More about Hidden Treasure here http://www.oldtrolleybuilding.com/hidden-treasures/index.html

The building was constructed in 1890 as the Steilacoom Line Powerhouse for the Tacoma & Steilacoom streetcar line. By 1896 it was being used for railroad car storage and in1912 it was being used for commercial fuel and feed storage.  In 1916 the railroad tracks were removed. In 1947 it was remodeled into the A-G Food Mart and Emmons Apartments. Other occupants have included a drugstore, meat market, salon, barbershop, paper products, hobby shop, furniture shop, lawn mower repair, sign maker, Radio & TV sales and repair, restaurant, carpet store and a preschool. More info about the building can be found here



Jarvie Memorial Family Lodge

I’ve gone past the Jarvie Memorial Family Lodge at 1521 Sixth Avenue, Tacoma, several times, but there were always people in front it and I don’t want to be obnoxious by taking a photo. The housing units were built in 1927 as the Creso (or Cresco) Court Apartments. They have a bungalow court design.

In 1983 the property converted from City Center Motel to the Salvation Army Family Lodge and in 1994 is was rededicated after remodeling. There is an article about the family lodge here  http://www.weeklyvolcano.com/entertainment/spew-blog/2011/12/Salvation-Army-Tacoma-provies-housing-for-homeless-families/

Carr’s Hall

The Connelly Law Office is located in a beautifully restored historic building at the corner of North 30th and North Carr Street (2301 North 30th). I confessed to knowing nothing about the firm except I like their mission statement “Seeking Justice for our Clients by holding Corporations, the Insurance Industry and Government  Agencies Accountable.” Their web address is: http://www.connelly-law.com/

I had several fine meals in the building when it was painted a bright green and was Grazie’s Ristorante. The original name of the building is Carr’s Hall and it was built in 1888 and restored in 1983. A photo of how it looked in 1978 can be found here http://search.tacomapubliclibrary.org/buildings/bldg1image.asp?j=1&o=1&n=29375&i=8948#text

Over its life, the building has been Knights of Pythias Temple, Bethel Mission Presbyterian Sunday School, Star Grocery Store, Anton Bush’s Grocery Store, apartments, Grazie Caffe Italiano in Aug. 1983 and now a law center.

For Sale $275,000

For Sale $275,000 by Gexydaf
For Sale $275,000, a photo by Gexydaf on Flickr.

When I see property like this for sale I wonder what happened. Somebody obviously had a vision for the site as some kind of multifamily living unit but now it is for sale with an asking price of $275,000. The concrete footings will only have value if a new buyer has a very similar vision. For now, this property on the southwest corner of Yakima Avenue and South 15th Street awaits purchase and development. Oddly, I couldn’t locate information about the Delaurenti Realty Co. on the internet.

The love is in the details, the YWCA

Originally uploaded by Gexydaf
Today’s new place was the extraordinary opportunity to see the new YWCA prior to it’s opening for clients. The Facebook invitations states “The building offers 22 apartments for women and children fleeing domestic violence. Designers have lovingly created living spaces everyone would love, and that our clients will enjoy.” The apartments were amazing, each and every one of them. Today and tomorrow will be the only time that the units will be available for the public to view.


One of the things I especially love about these spaces is how welcoming they are to the women, their children and their pets. 


Do you know the mystery of the Jackson Senior Living Project?

I watched this building at 2358 Yakima Avenue being constructed, happy knowing that there were some construction folks with decent paying jobs. And then one day it all came to an end. The most recent newspaper story I could find about the property proclaims “Half-finished building project in downtown Tacoma gets new name, investors” and states that the project is now called the Jackson Senior Living Project. But except for security fencing being installed and some sealing of the property, no work has been done on the building for many months. If anybody knows any more, I’d be happy to update this new place of the day for 10/4/2010.