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Cafe Elite looks like a coffee pot

Coffee Elite is a drive through espresso stand at 7214 Bridgeport Way in Tacoma. It has a very fun coffee pot shape. Dear daughter and I had successfully gotten through dentist appointments and since it was over 90 degrees we thought we needed a cold treat — a raspberry/strawberry smoothy for her and an orange creamcicle one for me. They were great!




The Happy Room at Golden City

The Happy Room and the Golden City Cafe at 3812 Yakima Avenue, Tacoma, began its life in 1932 A  U.S. Post Office, By 1952 it was the restaurant that its sign promotes. At some point it closed and it appears to be used for storage nowadays. I would have loved to have seen the neon lite!


Update photo January 2017

Food for Fines

This delightful poster was discovered at the University of Puget Sound (UPS) Student Center. I love the idea of trading cans for the local food bank against library fines. I was at the student center to meet some friends for dinner. What a great deal dinner is there! I had a freshly grilled hamburger with curly fries and a soda for about $6.00.

A great deal for lunch@St. Joes

I can think of four Tacoma places off hand to have a tasty, healthy lunch on the cheap.

  1. The culinary school at Bates College
  2. The Neighborhood Bistro at Goodwill
  3. The cafeteria in the Utilities Building off Union Ave
  4. St. Joe’s Hospital

Friday’s new place is #4 the Cafeteria at St. Joes (1717 South J Street, Tacoma). I needed to be there to see a patient and it was around lunchtime. So I went down to the lower level (not the snack bar) and had a lightly breaded fish sandwich.  It was huge and delicious and came with a mountain of fries and a soda! All for under $5.00!  There was plenty of seating both inside and outside.  Parking is also free and not that hard to find.  Really, nobody says “let’s go to the hospital and have lunch!”, but they should. 😀



El Paraiso Fish Tacos & Mexican Food


El Paraiso Fish Taco & Mexican Food at 2510 84th Street in Lakewood had been on my to do list ever since I read a review in the Tacoma News Tribune.


Today we had some time to spend before a movie so we stopped in and had the fish tacos. They were indeed very tasty and also reasonably priced. The setting isn’t fancy, but that is more than offset by the food, the price and the friendly staff.  And, if you are curious, Paraiso translates to Paradise!

El Paraiso Fish Taco & Mexican Food at 2510 84th Street in Lakewood had been on my to do list ever since I read a review in the Tacoma News Tribune.


El Paraiso by Gexydaf

Seasonal Delights Cafe & Espresso Co.

Days when everything goes right deserve a treat, so dear daughter and I stopped at a new to us place in Freighthouse Square called Seasonal Delights Cafe & Espresso Co. We shared this wonderful, still warm cinnamon bun and half was plenty. Next time we’ll go for dinner or lunch and try the crepes!


Ha!  Nobody has ever accused me of being cutting edge, but two days after we were there the Tacoma News Tribune reviewed this restaurant 🙂


Update June 2013: Sadly when I stopped by this week to buy a pie, Season Delights was gone. It appears that they vacated the space in April or May.


Borders Books in Tacoma

I really debated using Borders Books in Tacoma as one of my new places of the day. But today I stopped in to say goodbye. This is the closest bookstore to my house and my family has spent hours here. Its practically a family tradition to go on a rainy Sunday for a cup of coffee and to read the magazines in the cafe. And of course, we’d always end up with a book or two. I’m pretty sure my daughter has never walked out of the store without a book!

But our Borders, which is almost always busy, is closing no later than the end of May. The cafe is closed, items are heavily discounted and some of the shelves are pretty empty. The GIg Harbor and Federal Way Borders are also closing with only Puyallup Borders to remain open in Pierce Co. Across the country Borders is closing 200 of its 643 locations as part of a bankruptcy reorganization.

So, goodbye Tacoma Borders. We’ll miss you.

Traditions Cafe & World Folk Art

Ever since one of my Flickr friends posted a photo of a lovely pair of earring that he purchased at Traditions Cafe & World Folk Art in downtown Olympia, I’ve been wanting to try it out. The place has two components, the store and the restaurant but there is an easy flow between the two. We ordered our delicious and filling paninis at the counter and the staff brought them out to us. Afterward we shopped a bit and I purchased a green hat that I love and some dead sea salt soap. What struck me about both the store and the cafe parts is how happy every one seemed to be, both the employees and the customers. I’m sure we’ll be back 🙂

Their website is here

An explanation of the concept of Fair Trade is here

Affairs Cafe & Bakery

Today the ladies and I lunched at Affairs Cafe & Bakery and listened to a great program about the Broadway Center. I’ve been coming to Affairs on occasion for years and remember when they had a fire in October 2000 that closed them for some time. They are justly known for their truffles, cheesecakes, catering and delicious breakfasts and lunches.

Oh, and I also included a photo of a cool dinosaur that we discovered today!

2811 Bridgeport Way W # 15
University Place, WA 98466-4602
(253) 565-8604


4/2013 Update On March 16, 2013 Affairs closed. The owner, Gay, retired. Good for her, but I’ll miss the place! The opened on 12/10/1985.

Flying Boots Restaurant & Spur Room

Flying Boots Cafe and Spur Room, so tonight I stopped to take a photo and consider it as my new place of the day. Tacoma Public Library shows the Flying Boots Cafe opening in 1930 and the new cafe opening in 1955 after remodeling. The bar part of the restaurant is called the Spur Room, and yes they have Karaoke. At night the neon wings on the boot turn on and off.

Flying Boots Restaurant & Spur
614 South 38th Street
Tacoma, WA 98418-6716
(253) 475-9628