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Ginkgo Petrified Forest Museum

9519078987_09b46847d8_bOn my way home from dropping dear daughter off at college, I stopped at the Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park in Vantage, WA.There are over 40 species which have been petrified in the 7,470 acre park. Per Wikipedia the area had originally been lush and wet, but much of the vegetation was covered in volcanic ash and eventually became petrified. The park opened in 1938 and much of the work had been done by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). I didn’t realize that petrified wood is the state gem for Washington! The site is one of 594 properties to have the National Natural Landmark Designation. I would have liked to have stayed longer, but I wanted to get home, I didn’t have the right shoes for rattle snakes and it was really hot!

Two of the photos below are from the nearby gem shop, which was also very cool.

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Red Horse Diner, Ellensburg, WA

9504749486_28837e1860_bWe stopped at the Red Horse Diner because of it is a 50s style diner, but we loved it for its food! Dear daughter and I stopped for a meal here on the way to dropping her off at college and I stopped on my way back alone. It had been a service station and maintains the original pumps, as well as a bunch of fun 50s signs and paraphernalia. The Pegasus, the red horse, has been the symbol of Mobil Oil since the 1930s. The website for the diner is here.

9501927031_9ea64c5307_bThe evening view was lovely from their parking lot!


Ezell’s Famous Chicken

Ezell's ChickenMy work friend told me that Ezell’s had a righteous special on Mondays. Indeed they do, two large piece and a roll for about $1.40. It was a wonderful meal, especially for that price! I splurged and bought a piece of sweet potato pie. Ezell’s location in Tacoma is at 1902 Martin Luther King Jr Way.

Ezell‘s started in Seattle in 1984 and currently has seven Western Washington locations. Recent news states that franchises are now being sold including one in Dubai. In August 2012, Esquire Magazine declared  Ezell’s to be “the Most Life-Changing Fried Chicken in America.”



Proctor Frozen Yogurt

8641138075_7040707752_zThe Proctor District is really pleasant to stroll around and the addition of Proctor Frozen Yogurt at 2510 North Proctor makes it even better. I ended up combing the lemon with the raspberry/pomegranate and dear daughter has the marshmallow. They were both a treat. The business is housed in what had been a house built in 1905.

First Lutheran Church

collage2There is a glorious magnolia tree in front of the First Lutheran Church at 524 South “I” Street, Tacoma, WA. The church was founded in 1882 and their current building was finished in 1929. The church’s original mission was to support Swedish immigrants. There website is here.

The First Evangelical Lutheran Church was designed by Heath, Gove & Bell, arch. The Gothic design is tapestry brick with Tenino stone trim and an oak interior. An addition was added in 1957.

Lutheran Church


DeLong Elementary School

8413129330_9e01f8b2a2_bDeLong Elementary School is a neighborhood school located at 4901 South 14th Street, Tacoma. There mascot is a Dragon and their motto is “Preparing all students for a bright and productive future” .There are about 400 students enrolled.

If the most recent school bond passes DeLong will receive some upgrades, which can be seen here http://www.tacoma.k12.wa.us/information/2013%20Bond%20Issue%20Materials/SchoolPoster-INFO%28side1%29-Delong.pdf




Xipe Totec and Sun Mask-Kwakiutl by Granum, Doug


The Xipe Totec and Sun Mask-Kwakiutl Masks by Doug Granum are located on the exterior wall of the Rialto Theater in Tacoma.

The Xipe Totec Mask is from the Mexican culture and represents the god of spring and growing seed.  The Sun Mask image is from the Native American-Kwakiuti culture from Vancouver Island.

The Basket Nook

The Basket Nook at 1007 Martin Luther King, Tacoma, WA is one of the Hilltop’s oldest businesses. It was originally “The Launderette” Tacoma’s first laundry with
individual automatic machines. It opened in 1947. By 1949 the business had evolved into a Laundromat with baskets and eventually it became baskets with gifts and now is primarily gifts. The delightful owner said he had been there for 33 years come January. He must have started really young!

Anyway, I had always thought it was primarily baskets, but the store was full of interesting unique items. I bought a few items for my mom’s Christmas stocking.


Trader Joes in University Place

I needed some things for a Secret Santa gift exchange and Trader Joe’s in Green Firs Village, University Place was the place to go. They do, after all, have the world’s greatest frozen food. I have often been to this Trader Joe’s and have never had a bad experience. I love their policy of providing a full refund if you don’t like a product.

Per Wikipedia, Trader Joe’s originated in 1958 as Pronto Market and in 1967 the name changed in Trader Joe’s and became more of a specialty grocery store with unusual products from around the world.